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Claim Forward online tool shows insurance costs in Florida

Filing an insurance claim, especially after a hurricane, generally imposes financial consequences on policy holders. The online platform grants residents a free way to evaluate how their insurance company could raise premiums or apply surcharges after trying to recover damages to a home or vehicle.

Among the almost half million residential property owners in the state who have filed claims after Hurricane Irma, many of them might have an unexpected surcharge to pay when their policies renew. At, people can enter information about their policies and receive detailed information about their projected insurance costs. They might see whether the insurer forgives claims, an estimated amount of the surcharge or how an insurer's surcharges compare to fees from other companies.

Florida tallies Hurricane Irma costs and considers stormy future

State officials have yet to come to terms fully with the damage wrought by Hurricane Irma. While officials continue to calculate damages, the Office of Insurance Regulation has estimated that filings for property damage have reached $7.21 billion so far. Throughout the Caribbean and Florida, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has attributed $50 billion in damages to the last hurricane season. The citrus industry took a particularly bad hit for $2.5 billion in agricultural damage just when fruit growers were expecting their best crop in a decade.

After the state enjoyed a 10-year lull in severe storms; Hurricane Irma reminded legislators of the omnipresent threat of storms in the region. Lawmakers have put forward numerous ideas to improve storm preparations. The House Speaker has created a select committee to evaluate close to 80 proposals before referring them to legislative committees.

Don't miss out on your claim: Make your claim within 90 days

After a hurricane or major weather event, there's a possibility that your home and property could be badly damaged. Some people get lucky and have less damage than others, but on the whole, even if a home doesn't look damaged, underlying damage could still be there.

The first 90 days following a major storm are crucial for your insurance claim. If you wait to file past this timeframe, it becomes harder to prove the damage and drags out your claim. For that reason alone, filing within the first three months is crucial.

The first 90 days of an insurance claim are critical

Living in Southern Florida means that you accept the potential for extreme weather, including hurricanes. Homeowners insurance is one of the most important investments made by homeowners at the tip of Florida and on the Keys. Ensuring that you have adequate coverage from a reputable insurance company is key to having peace of mind when storm season arrives. 

When you're lucky and Mother Nature takes it easy on you, major storms may pass your home or your whole neighborhood without creating a lot of damage. For many homeowners, however, that may prove to be a temporary respite. When another storm does impact your home, you need to be ready to make the right decisions and to file a claim with your homeowners insurance company. Depending on the extent of the damage and the estimated value of your claim, professional help with the claim may increase the potential for success

Don't spend a decade haggling over an insurance claim

When a hurricane hits the Miami area, residents know the drill. Buy plywood and board up properties, clear the store shelves of bread and toilet paper (and liquor - can't forget that), gas up the genny and/or hunker down around candles. It's what we do, and just part of the trade-off for living the sweet life in the American tropics.

But as we witnessed during this year's just-ended hurricane season, there are hurricanes . . . and there are catastrophic events that can cause damage so extensive that home- and business owners may be wiped out.

Is it possible to "hurricane-proof" your home?

Hurricane seasons appear to get scarier and scarier every year with more and stronger storms pummeling the east coast. All this storm activity has led many South Florida residents to wonder, is there such a thing as a "hurricane-proof" home?

Although there's no way to completely protect your home during a hurricane, engineers throughout the nation have been putting their minds in action to design more hurricane resistant residences. One designer actually believes his home will get stronger during hurricane-force winds.

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