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March 2018 Archives

How to prepare for a hurricane

In 2016 and 2017, three named storms made an impact in Florida. Therefore, FEMA is telling people in the state to get ready for the 2018 hurricane season as soon as possible. Florida's governor has signed legislation that allows residents to buy emergency supplies for a week tax-free starting on June 1. Ideally, an emergency kit will contain enough food and water for both humans and animals to last for up to five days.

Hurricane Irma leaves national flood insurance billions in debt

Hurricane Irma flooded Miami, pushed a storm surge across the Lower Keys and swamped the Southwest coast of Florida. Residents continue to tally their damages, and a manager from the National Flood Insurance Program said that Irma and other serious storms have burdened the agency with $20 billion in debt. He explained that his agency wants to control losses by doubling enrollment, buying re-insurance and catastrophic bonds and encouraging private insurers to offer more policies.

Many Hurricane Irma damage claims denied by insurers

For Florida residents who have faced serious damage to their homes and property due to Hurricane Irma, insurance denials can be a major concern. Approximately half of the property and small business owners in three Florida counties who filed insurance claims for hurricane damages after the major storm have received a payout from their insurance company. However, five months after the storm, a large number of homeowners and business operators in the area have seen their claims denied or unpaid.

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