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November 2019 Archives

Florida municipalities still wrestling with Hurricane Irma costs

Homeowners and local governments in Florida are continuing to struggle two years after Hurricane Irma hit the region. The Category 4 storm struck the Florida Keys first before proceeding up the coast in September 2017 and left behind an array of debris as it traveled, including uprooted trees and bushes, broken branches and damaged palm fronds. In Orange County alone, local governments spent over $25 million to deal with storm damage, while Seminole County shouldered the burden of $17.8 million in costs. In Lake County, they paid $9.3 million, while they paid $5.8 million in Orlando and $4.9 million in Osceola.

Fewer insurance litigation cases after Hurricane Michael

There were fewer insurance litigation cases in Florida following Hurricane Michael than there were after Hurricane Irma according to one of the state's insurance companies. Hurricane Michael, a Category 5 storm, struck Florida's panhandle region in October 2018.

Flood disclosure not required in Florida

Florida homeowners may be surprised to learn that there is no state law that requires disclosure of whether a house has a history of flooding. This is in stark contrast to Texas, which has the strictest laws in the nation on such matters. However, Florida is the state with the highest flood risk.

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