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Why might it take extreme weather to reveal a shoddy build?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | Construction Defects

Not all houses are well-built. Many do not match up to the standards that those who commissioned them hoped for or expected. Yet, people may live in a place for years unaware of the problems their property contains. Until one day, a storm or other extreme event reveals the truth.

One famous Florida example started with Hurricane Andrew, back in 1992. Thousands of homeowners saw their properties destroyed, and on investigation, it turned out that many of them had been very poorly built. While the state subsequently tightened building codes, it does not mean everyone sticks to them. There will likely always be developers and contractors willing to cut corners to save themselves money, regardless of the eventual costs that could result for those who purchase these homes.

What can go wrong?

It’s not just initial construction that matters. Many people alter their homes to add space or change the layout. Inadequacies in the implementation of these modifications could leave some or all of the building weaker than before. Once again, there are rules, but not everyone will follow them.

Surveys might not always be adequate. When you buy a house from someone, it’s crucial to hire a surveyor to revise the structure and point out any problems the place may hold. If they do not do their job properly, they may fail to spot a potential issue, and you may only find out when extreme weather reveals it.

If a storm leaves you with property damage, your insurer may try to tell you it is not covered. Finding out more about any weaknesses that already existed could enable you to hold someone responsible for your losses one way or the other.