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Month: September 2021

Do your home walls have water leaks?

A good home should have a secure structure, including the walls, ceiling and roof. If building contractors do a poor job on the house you want to buy, you may find evidence of defects later on. Such defects may include water leaks. Sometimes it is simple to discover a...

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What constitutes a construction defect?

Building a home is a wonderful experience that allows you to build a home that suits your needs. You can pick out all the details of the design and details. Choosing professionals to help you take your home from idea to fully constructed building is something to take...

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What is an ‘act of God’?

You may have heard the phrase an ‘act of God’ used in casual conversation before. It may surprise you to know that this is actually a specific term used in property insurance. When used casually, if a person describes something as an act of God, it usually means...

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