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April 2019 Archives

Homeowner's insurance rates on the rise, according to study

Some Florida homeowners may feel like they've been paying higher insurance rates in recent years. According to a study by an online insurance quote website, this is exactly what has been happening across the nation over the past decade. The study shows that rates have gone up as much as nearly 90 percent in some instances. Part of the reason for this trend may be the increase in natural disasters over the same period.

Hurricane Michael continues to leave behind damage

Florida homeowners are continuing to suffer from the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, even six months after the storm hit the state with 155 mph winds. Forty-nine people were killed by the hurricane as it blew through 12 Florida counties, and the emotional and economic recovery period is continuing to linger on. A number of houses were destroyed and have not been rebuilt, while road damage and downed trees also persist in some areas. Some homeowners are even experiencing delays related to their insurance claims for storm damage.

Damage from Irma still not fully repaired

In 2017, Hurricane Irma made landfall in the state of Florida. After more than a year, some homeowners are still waiting for their insurance companies to pay for damage that the storm did to their homes. One man says that his entire house needs to be gutted and rebuilt before he and his family can move back in permanently. While the man says that rebuilding efforts started after the storm, they had to stop because of mold.

Hurricane Michael industry loss estimates reach $11 billion

The Florida Panhandle suffered widespread devastation when Hurricane Michael made landfall Oct. 10, 2018. The Category 4 storm carried peak winds of 155 mph and produced a storm surge of more than 20 feet. In addition to flooding and wind damage that occurred in Florida and neighboring states, the effects of Hurricane Michael could be felt as far away as Maryland.

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