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What are the 4 categories of construction defects?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2024 | Construction Defects

If there is a concerning issue related to how your house was built, you may be able to claim compensation. To make it easier to do so, you need to be precise about what the issue is and how it occurred.

Courts that handle construction dispute claims consider construction defects to fall into four categories.

Design Deficiencies

Architects and engineers come up with the plans that contractors then put into practice. If a contractor did everything the plan told them to, but an issue still occurred, it might be the original design was wrong, or the professional who drew it up did not consider all the factors they should have.

Material Deficiencies

Think about anything you buy. Sometimes, the product quality is not up to scratch. An architect can specify an appropriate product and a contractor can install it correctly, but if the item is faulty then a problem can still occur. In this case, you may need to hold the manufacturer of the defective materials to account.

Construction Deficiencies

Poor workmanship accounts for many of the errors property owners have to deal with. Some people just aren’t as good at their job as they should be, or perhaps a laborer had a bad day and underperformed, making errors that later cause you problems. Either way, workmanship errors are the responsibility of your contractor or their subcontractors.

Subsurface Deficiencies

The earth beneath our feet is not as static or solid as many like to think. If those designing your house did not carry out thorough surveys and make appropriate allowances to ensure the plans resulted in a stable structure, anything built may not last intact for long.

Once you understand which category your issues fall into, you can determine who is to blame. Doing so may not be straightforward, and the various parties may try to blame each other, so it’s advisable to seek legal guidance.