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Water damage is worse than you can see

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2024 | Homeowner Claims

One of the main reasons that people file insurance claims is because they have water damage. Perhaps a pipe burst in the house. Maybe there was a storm or a flood that caused water to get inside. As long as people have the correct coverage, they can file a claim and get the repairs made through their insurance.

But one thing to remember about water damage is that it is often much more extensive than what you can actually see. This is because water can spread quickly throughout the home. It does not take much water to cause significant damage, and the water damage may have been going on for some time before you noticed any symptoms.

Why is there a delay?

There could be a delay in when you notice the water damage just because it takes time to fully saturate the materials. For instance, water could be leaking through your attic and causing extensive damage to your studs, beams, insulation, drywall, electrical systems and much more. But you may not even notice it until it fully saturates the upper materials and causes water damage on the ceiling in the floor below. You may start to see a small amount of discoloration, but there could be massive hidden damage above it.

How does this complicate the process?

This can make things more complex because the insurance company may offer you a payout that will only cover the immediate damage that you can see. But is there hidden structural damage below the discoloration that also needs to be repaired? You may argue that you need a significant amount of money that they are unwilling to provide.

If the insurance company won’t pay properly, then it’s time for you to look into your options.