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What are some signs of hidden fire damage?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Homeowner Claims

Even though a fire may only burn for a short amount of time, the flames can devastate your home or business.

In some cases, you may not even notice the full extent of the damage until later on. Learning how to spot subtle signs of hidden damage and harm can help you after this incident.

Structural struggles

According to the American Red Cross, many buildings may have deeper structural problems after a fire. Take careful notice of stairs and sagging floors, since they may not support your weight if they sustained enough damage. Avoid leaning or standing on anything that appears bent out of shape.

Closed doors

Trying to push open a door that is firmly shut may seem like a normal course of action, but it is often a dangerous idea. This passageway may actually be important because it is holding a remaining part of your house up, and it can come crashing down if you move it too much.

Some doors may not appear outwardly damaged at first, which makes it even more important to stay vigilant if you walk through a house after a fire.

Water problems

You may notice a puddle of water or see wet spots on your floor after a fire. Broken water pipes are often the cause of these areas, and they can greatly damage the floors and walls of a house. Heat and flames can weaken the pipes or even cause your water heater to leak.

Make sure to look for these puddles if you try to turn off your home’s fuse box. Getting too close could potentially electrocute you if step in them. Staying alert while searching for hidden fire damage can help you avoid dangerous places.