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Fighting For You When A Fire Damages Your Life And Property

Residential and commercial fire damage victims typically experience a jumble of emotions – gratitude that they’re covered by insurance, then disappointment when the insurer doesn’t cooperate during the damage claim process.

Has this happened to you? Was your home or business property seriously damaged or destroyed by fire – then, to add insult to injury, your insurance company resisted doing what’s right in accordance with the policy that they wrote?

Insurance policies are contracts. You don’t write them, but you abide by them. When the authors of these contracts delay or deny claims for legitimate damages, and your trust has been betrayed, that’s where we come in – at Mintz Truppman, P.A., in Miami.

Your insurer may not know this, but we are the firm whose case results have changed the face of Florida insurance law. For decades, we have blazed trails and achieved justice for clients plagued by “bad faith.” Appreciative former and current clients, other lawyers and public adjusters respect our proven skills and refer a variety of cases to us, and for one reason – they trust our ability to represent you from start to finish in the legal process.

We can astutely interpret the language in your homeowners policy and cite the applicable law that works in your favor. We also enlist the expert assistance of construction and fire reconstruction experts to build a strong case for your fire damage claim.

Experienced Fire Insurance Claims Attorneys Who Protect Your Rights In South Florida

Florida’s “valued policy” law states that an insurance company must pay the full policy limits if the burned structure is a “total loss.” For this reason, attorneys for insurers usually fight hard for the determination that the building is not a “total loss” – even if it is obvious that the cost to repair far exceeds the value of the policy.

For your additional comfort and convenience, our lawyers handle insurance claim cases predominantly on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not accept attorney fees upfront, nor do we require our clients to pay in advance for our access to teams of experts that are often necessary in fire damage cases. We do not accept payment unless and until we win your case – and you receive a check from the insurance company.

Did a major fire, or explosion leading to a fire, devastate your residence or business property? Our reputation for positive results is proof positive that we can help. Please call us today for a free consultation at 305-893-5506, or email us.