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Fire damage as a restaurant owner

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Firm News

Our law firm realizes the many pressures that restaurant owners face, even when business is going well. Unfortunately, we also know that many people who run restaurants face serious challenges when problems arise, from lawsuits and issues involving staff members to property damage as a result of a fire. Sometimes, restaurant owners lose everything in a fire and have to start over. Worse, insurance companies do not always cooperate.

If your restaurant was recently damaged in a blaze or the building was completely destroyed, it is imperative to deal with insurance companies appropriately and stand up for your rights if they fail to live up to their obligations.

Restaurants and fire risks

When it comes to restaurants, there are many fire risks. In fact, these businesses are especially likely to sustain fire damage as a result of accidents in the kitchen. From inexperienced cooks and careless employees to malfunctions and a chaotic environment, fires in the kitchen occur far too often in the restaurant industry. Moreover, some restaurants sustain fire damage for the same reasons as other businesses, from faulty wiring to heating equipment and even arson.

Protecting the future of your restaurant

If you are struggling to recover after a fire, do not let the blaze destroy your business. Many restaurant owners are able to restore what they have lost with support from their insurance company. Unfortunately, some are turned down even though they are eligible for benefits and it is crucial for people wrongly denied to fight for the compensation that they deserve. Our site covers other topics on fire damage.