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Understanding hurricane damage claims and what is covered

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Hurricane Damage Claims

Florida is a pleasant place to live due to the warm and agreeable climate, but its location leaves it vulnerable to hurricanes. Being victimized by a hurricane can result in property damage. Residents of the state should be aware of many factors involved with the unfortunate nature of being in a hurricane’s path. A significant portion of preparation is having sufficient insurance to pay for damage and loss. Even people who believe they are adequately protected can be surprised when there is an insurance claim denial after a hurricane. Preparation is key.

There is hurricane damage that insurance does and does not cover. In general, insurance will protect owners and renters from certain types of damage. There will be recovery for rebuilding the property to the insurance limit. It will also cover detached parts of the property like a garage for approximately 10 percent of the insurance total for the structure.

Items inside the property are also insured. The typical amount is 50 to 70 percent. The insurance will pay around $500 for each landscape item damaged. For condominium owners, drywall and other structural portions will be covered, as will personal possessions. Renters should know that appliances are commonly excluded, but possessions will be insured. It is vital to know the details of both renter’s insurance and the policy the landlord purchased to protect the apartment.

A mistake homeowners and renters make when there is a hurricane is not knowing how extensive their policy is. Often, the insurance company might try to say items that should be shielded, repaired and replaced through the policy are not covered. To get the maximum in insurance after a hurricane, it may be wise to hire an attorney. A law firm that specializes in hurricane damage claims might be able to help.