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Two major tolls are taken on families’ finances and emotions after vicious storms sweep through South Florida – one when assessing the damage, and far too often, the second when dealing with an insurance company.

If you feel shortchanged by an insurer after widespread damage to a home or business in the wake of a devastating windstorm or hurricane, you have a friend you can call upon at any time – seasoned insurance law attorneys who work hard for the justice you deserve.

We are the lawyers of Mintz Truppman, P.A., in Miami. We are the law firm that changed the face of Florida insurance law.

Let’s face it: South Florida is a hurricane country at certain points of the year. Amazingly, insurers often deny or lower damage claims after visible, legitimate hurricane or windstorm damage. The insurance company may contend that the damage existed prior to the dangerous, damaging weather, or was caused by water instead of wind or was caused by long-term neglect. These assertions may completely negate the way your policy was written.

If legal action is needed to achieve the justice you deserve and put this crisis in the past, we are ready to do that. Our knowledge of hurricane damage claims can rival that of any insurer. We combine that expertise with timely, proactive trial strategies, if they’re necessary, and direct personal service that lets you feel better about your situation.

You Survived The Storm. You Shouldn’t Have To Fight Your Insurance Company Too.

All we ask is that you take a moment to view our appellate cases on behalf of decades’ worth of satisfied clients, then contact us to discuss your issues at length and in confidence.

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