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Damage from Irma still not fully repaired

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Hurricane Damage Claims

In 2017, Hurricane Irma made landfall in the state of Florida. After more than a year, some homeowners are still waiting for their insurance companies to pay for damage that the storm did to their homes. One man says that his entire house needs to be gutted and rebuilt before he and his family can move back in permanently. While the man says that rebuilding efforts started after the storm, they had to stop because of mold.

According to the man, his insurance company have him some money to repair his home, but the claim has not been resolved. The homeowner borrowed $25,000 to repair his roof from the Small Business Association. A local news station toured the home and had to wear masks because of the mold. The homeowner said that he had to take his wife to the hospital because of a respiratory infection due to the conditions in the house.

The station contacted American Integrity Insurance for an update on the matter. However, the insurance company declined to comment because the homeowner had retained an attorney. The Department of Financial Services was also notified about the story, and it planned to get in touch with the homeowner and his family. It is not clear if the Federal Emergency Management Agency offered any assistance or if it will do so in the future.

Those who experience hurricane damage to a property may have a valid claim for reimbursement from their insurance company. Of course, there is a chance that a claim will be denied for a variety of reasons. If the decision is not reversed, it may be possible to ask for an attorney to help. An attorney may assist during settlement talks or formal court action to help a homeowner obtain a favorable outcome.

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