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Almost $23.4 million recovered for consumers in Florida

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Homeowner Claims

Whether it is because of hurricanes or other issues, many Floridians are forced to submit claims to their insurance companies every year. Unfortunately, some insurance companies try to avoid paying valid claims that are presented to them.

According to the Florida Division of Consumer Services, the agency has helped Floridians to collect almost $23.4 million in insurance claims just since July 1, 2017. Of that amount, $8.4 million that was recovered with the help of the division was for losses that were related to Hurricane Irma. The money that was recovered included refunds of premium payments and insurance claims that had not been paid by the companies.

The agency reports that it provided assistance to 2,761 consumers to recover funds since last summer. The hurricane season affected 40 counties in Florida. The Department of Financial Services has worked to help consumers with their insurance complaints. The state’s chief financial officer’s office also has established a helpline for consumers who have complaints about the handling of their insurance claims. The helpline has reportedly taken more than 171,562 calls since July 1, 2017.

When homeowners suffer losses because of natural or other disasters, they may be devastated when their insurance companies deny their claims or try to offer much less than the losses that they have incurred. People who are engaged in insurance company disputes may benefit by talking to attorneys who are experienced with handling bad faith insurance claims. Lawyers may be able to negotiate reasonable settlements with the companies so that their clients may be made financially whole. If the companies refuse to settle the claims, the attorneys may file civil lawsuits against the companies and litigate the matters through the court process and trials.