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What are the three types of construction defects?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Firm News

When you hire a contractor to build your new home, you have certain expectations of how the home will turn out. You may make requests and work with them to create the overall design, but you leave the details to the experts who know about construction. This level of trust is part of the contract you create with the contractor. When something is wrong with the home, you have the right to have the contractor repair it and make it right.

Construction defects are common, and you may run into this situation. There are three general types of defects in construction that you may run into and need to seek remedies for, according to LevelSet.


Material defects are problems with the actual materials used in the construction project. This could be rotted wood or defective metal parts. It is often an issue with the manufacturer of the materials. You may not notice such issues until the materials start to fail. Fixing it requires replacing the defective materials.


Defects in the design of a home come from the architect. They result from not making proper assessments, leaving out important aspects of a design or not producing accurate blueprints. This type of defect may become apparent early in the build since it can often be impossible to build correctly or leads to other issues with the construction. Fixing it usually involves a redesign.


The last type of defect is a result of bad work by the contractor and his or her crew. This can include anything about the build that the company does not do correctly. It can be a simple or complex issue. Fixing this type of defect depends largely on how extensive it is.