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Is your property at risk for termite damage?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Firm News

Florida property owners have plenty of things to worry about. This is without throwing pests into the mix. Unfortunately, pests are a common problem. No matter what your climate is or how wealthy a neighborhood is, pests do not care. They go wherever they want and cause damage everywhere.

But are there things you do that may increase your chances of attracting pests? Is your property at greater risk than others? Today we will focus on termites as pests. We will see what attracts them, including things you may do.

Accidentally attracting pests

PestWorld.org examines some things you may do that could attract termites. Some of the risky things they list include:

  • Piles of firewood near the home
  • Excessive wood, such as stumps from removed trees
  • Improper areas of drainage, like rain gutters
  • Trees that come into contact with the home
  • Mulch

Termites need two main things to thrive: wood and moisture. A combination of these issues provide termites both. Once they get into a house, they start new colonies. A termite colony can cause enormous problems for a property owner.

The diet of termites

Another important thing to note is that termites eat more than wood. They cannot eat cement or plastic. But they can eat anything with cellulose in it. This includes books, carpet, drywall, wallpaper and much more.

If you are looking to cut down on the chances of a termite infestation, there are several things you can do. Clean your gutters. Make sure there are no leaks, pools of water or areas with excessive moisture. Do not keep cut wood near the home. Remove unnecessary wood right away. Keep trees trimmed and away from the home. Do not use mulch. In doing these things, you may avoid an infestation.