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How to get ready to file insurance claims following a hurricane

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Homeowner Claims

When a hurricane strikes in Florida or any other state, it could cause major property damage. To be reimbursed for a portion or all of the cost of the damage, it may be necessary to file an insurance claim. Prior to a hurricane making landfall, residents in its path can take steps to be ready to show that the storm caused the damage in question. One step is taking pictures of the home and the contents within it.

Ideally, the photos will show the condition of the walls, ceiling and floors in each room. It should also document the condition of the roof and siding as well. It is also a good idea to review a policy ahead of time to be sure what it does and doesn’t cover. The policy will also likely have a phone number or other contact information that’s necessary to begin the process of filing a claim.

Typically, homeowners’ policies on their own won’t cover losses caused by flooding. There also may be increased deductibles for damage caused by hurricanes. Deductibles are generally based on the amount of the coverage offered as opposed to the value of the items that are damaged. Reviewing a policy ahead of time can also alert homeowners as to any other limits or exclusions that may exist.

Homeowners who live in houses that sustain hurricane damage may be entitled to have the cost covered by an insurance provider. If a homeowner claim is denied, it may be possible to appeal. If the claim is denied in bad faith, it may be possible to take the insurance company to court. An attorney may review the denial or other actions by an insurance company to determine if they were illegal or otherwise not in accordance with the terms of a given policy.