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Now is the time to review insurance policies

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Homeowner Claims

Homeowners in Florida should be sure to check their insurance policies ahead of the hurricane season. In most cases, flood insurance policies don’t take effect for 30 days after they are purchased. Homeowners and renters insurance policies generally don’t cover damage done by floods on their own. Those who have hurricane or flood insurance policies should make sure that they can afford the deductibles that are often higher than other forms of coverage.

If a homeowner does have a high deductible, it could be worthwhile to develop a savings plan to help pay for it. Alternatively, an individual can get a credit card or ask for a loan to help cover the cost of damage done in a storm. Regardless of the type of policy, it should be easy to access if an individual needs to make a claim.

After a major storm, a homeowner may face damages that total thousands of dollars or more. Even with an insurance policy, there may be costs that an individual needs to pay on his or her own. Prior to a storm, it may be a good idea to review an existing policy. Those who have questions should ask their insurance agents right away to reduce the odds that a future claim is denied.

An attorney could help a property owner who has had to deal with hurricane damage. Legal counsel may be able to convince an insurance company to reverse a decision to deny a claim or take other steps to obtain compensation that a homeowner may be entitled to. Cases may be resolved in court if informal talks or a formal appeal is not enough to resolve the matter.