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We Help Victims Of Theft And Vandlism Rebuild Their Life

Property crimes are unexpected, vexing facts of life for residential and commercial property owners. Theft and vandalism cause millions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses in Florida and the U.S. every year.

If you suffered a theft or physical damage to your residence, office or larger physical facility – if your insurance company has resisted abiding by the policy it wrote – you have a trusted friend and aggressive advocate in the attorneys of Mintz Truppman, P.A., in Miami.

One look at our case results will show you why we are the firm that changed the face of Florida insurance law. For decades, our representation has led to effective litigation, that in turn translated to meaningful legislation that protects people just like you, families and business persons alike.

If you have already spoken to your insurer about what happened to your property – be it theft or home invasion, vandalism or arson – you probably already know how slow insurers are to act on a policyholder’s behalf. This betrayal of your trust must be answered swiftly and forcefully by the facts of what happened to you – facts we can unearth with exhaustive investigation of the criminal attack on you and your possessions.

To support your homeowner or business damage claim, we can easily access the knowledge of a variety of experts in all fields related to property crimes. Away from the conference room and courtroom, you are guaranteed prompt responses to your questions and concerns, regular updates on the status of your case and openness to your ideas on what constitutes a fair financial settlement.

Are You Haggling With An Insurance Company Over A Theft Or Vandalism Insurance Claim?

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