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When The Insurance Company Performs The Construction On Your Property Rather Than Pays You Money, It’s Called The “Right To Repair.”

Are you the owner of severely damaged residential or commercial property after a terrible accident, devastating fire or major hurricane?

Are you mired in a dispute with your insurance company over a “right to repair” provision in your policy?

Are you seeking legal representation that protects your rights during this dispute?

At Mintz Truppman, P.A. – the firm that changed the face of Florida insurance law – our experienced attorneys are all too aware of how a “right to repair” could essentially reduce your damage policy to a construction job, and connect you to an insurer’s favorite inexpensive contractor against your experience and better judgment.

We can examine and interpret every detail of your insurance policy, identify your rights and work hard to uphold them during negotiations and litigation if needed.

Don’t be hasty in accepting an insurer’s “right to repair” determination rather than pursue the money damages you deserve for your financial setback. And please don’t think you can represent yourself in any battle with well-financed insurance company attorneys. Our lawyers use every weapon in their arsenal to produce the favorable outcome you are looking for.

If You Are Hearing “Right To Repair,” You Have The Right To Respond. Contact Us.

Your initial consultation with one of our skillful Mintz Truppman, P.A., attorneys will have you feeling much more positively about your situation. Please call, or email us to share the facts of your case at no cost to you.