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Insurance Companies Are Responsible For Water Damage

Insurance claims based on water damage and mold that are caused by unfortunate events such as pipe bursts can be difficult because most policies in Florida are limited.

The extent of the damage may be very clear to you, but not to your insurance company. Insurers are notorious for delaying or denying valid claims, or offering a lower amount in settlement of your claim.

This is the kind of valuable service we provide to clients throughout Florida, and have for decades – at Mintz Truppman, P.A.

Often, an insurance company will argue with you about how long mold or water damage has been there – when you really know it was not there for a long time.

Successfully Representing Florida’s Insureds For 60 Years

For any serious property damage to your home or business, for any reason – fire, windstorms and hurricanes, and many more – we welcome the chance to advocate for you when an insurance company refuses to abide by the policy it wrote.

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