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Hold Insurance Companies Accountable For Their Actions

When an insurance company betrays a policyholder’s trust by refusing to pay based on the particulars of a policy that the company itself wrote – when the justice you deserve for your legitimate claim is delayed or denied – this is a practice called insurance bad faith. And you, the insurance company’s customer, have the right to resist it.

We can help you with that kind of legal action, just as we have helped thousands of aggrieved individuals, families and businesses in the state for five decades. We are the experienced attorneys of Mintz Truppman, P.A.the law firm that changed the face of Florida insurance law.

Getting You Proper Coverage For Any Type Of Calamity

Our dedicated, diligent Miami lawyers will actively advocate for you if your good faith has been repaid with bad faith by an insurer after a calamity that caused widespread damage to your home or business property. We concentrate on client claims pertaining to:

  • Business and business interruption
  • Fire damage
  • Homeowners and condominium claims
  • Personal property and personal injury/wrongful death
  • Plumbing and pipe breaks
  • Water damage and mold
  • Windstorm and hurricane damage to homes and businesses
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Construction defects
  • Insurance company contractors/right to repair

To further promote your peace of mind, please know that we can immediately take charge of negotiations with an insurer or adjuster at any stage of the process. Our knowledge of insurance law is vast; our advocacy for your goals is aggressive; our personal and professional commitments to your needs are total.

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