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Easing Your Concerns About Construction Defects

Not every insurance lawyer is familiar with construction defect claims, and not every construction defect lawyer is familiar with insurance claims. At Mintz Truppman, P.A., our practice takes both kinds of law into account, and we specialize in understanding how these two types of law are dependent on each other.

For decades, families, homeowners and business owners alike have come to us for positive resolutions to disputes over residential and commercial building mistakes. Construction defects can be widespread, depending on the size of a building project. The same mistake made unit by unit, while erecting a sprawling residential complex, can spell disaster. Major defects with air conditioning, plumbing and pipes can make it easier for water damage and mold to invade a home. Electrical errors may lead to electrocutions and fires. The list goes on and on.

If a perceived construction defect is making you nervous about your lease or purchase of residential or commercial property, our experienced insurance law attorneys can take charge of your damage claim right away. We handle all details of all documentation as well as behind-the-scenes discussions with a construction company or contractor’s legal counsel.

At Mintz Truppman, P.A., Our Case Results Speak For Themselves

Never assume that you can represent yourself in matters so potentially complicated. Your chances for a successful outcome with construction defect claims increase dramatically with the participation of skilled lawyers who know how to determine the amount of your damages – and play “hardball” on your behalf.

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