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Protect Your Business Physically And Financially

After a fire, flood or hurricane, estimating the true measure of damages to a business can be a complex task. It helps to have lawyers with business degrees and business claim experience.

When a business property is seriously damaged or destroyed, the financial cost is greater than the cost of repairing or rebuilding the physical structure. Additional costs may include lost opportunities, lost income and rents, loss of customers, moving costs and rental fees for a temporary location. And then there’s the factor of how business operations were interrupted.

If you are the business owner suffering from substantial losses, you may find that your business insurance claim is improperly denied or decreased by your insurance company. When that happens, you need our experienced Mintz Truppman, P.A., attorneys on your side.

Our decades of advocacy on behalf of business clients like you have resulted in a recognized record of positive outcomes, in and out of the courtroom – case results that have changed the face of Florida insurance law.

Your business interruption claims and severe property damage are important to us. We investigate every aspect of what happened, capture every detail and bring the facts of your claim to skillful negotiations with insurers. When litigation is needed to pursue your goals, we are fully prepared to provide a strong voice for you in court.

Miami Lawyers Dedicated To Achieving Justice For You After Damage To Your Business

Our insurance law firm built its reputation long ago in the field of insurance company defense. This means that we have substantial knowledge about how insurance companies operate, and how best to build an argument on your behalf to recover from your insurance company.

Has your claim for damage to your business by windstorm, water or fire been ignored by your insurer? Has it been delayed, decreased or denied in ways that imply bad faith? We have successfully represented people like you for decades in South Florida. Look to us for knowledge, advocacy and personal service that increase your claim’s chances for success.

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