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What steps should you take in the days after a fire?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Homeowner Claims

Cleaning up and dealing with a fire that spreads around your house or place of business can leave you feeling confused. You may not know what steps to take or how to handle items inside the building.

Staying calm and collected while going back into the building can help you during this sensitive time.

Stay aware of additional harm

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the days after the fire can be crucial for noticing physical signs of smoke inhalation or other problems that can leave you with long-term health problems. Your pets may even show signs of injuries under their fur and in their lungs.

Seeking medical help is important if you feel extremely tired or have trouble breathing freely. Taking care of your mental health, along with your family’s emotional reactions, can help you all move forward.

Ask and check

Once the building is completely safe and you go back inside the place itself, your first priority may be searching for personal items that are still left. While doing this, make sure to take notes of what you see and ask for the fire report from your local fire department.

Checking with the authorities and anyone else involved in the clean-up is also important if you are unsure whether or not the building is safe to return to.

Look for leftover items

Another important part of making a list of all the possessions you see is for insurance reasons. You should be sure to not throw out any burnt items until you are sure you do not need them anymore.

Being aware of the dangers of a damaged building is important for anyone looking to return after a fire.