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Things property owners need to know about vandalism claims

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | blog

Vandalism occurs when someone deliberately defaces or destroys your property. When you suffer costly damage from vandals, you must know how to handle your insurance claim to recover benefits.

Because insurance companies write policies using industry and legal terms, it can be challenging to understand your included coverages and how to file a claim correctly.

Record your damages

After discovering vandalism to your property, grab your camera and take lots of pictures. Document everything as soon as possible from different angles to ensure you have sufficient evidence to prove your claim.

Understand the laws in your state

Knowing how the laws protect your home or business against financial losses from vandalism is vital. In Florida, vandalism is a criminal mischief offense that you must report to the authorities. The law requires that your insurance agency investigate and pay any valid claims.

File a police report

Next, inform the authorities of the crime by filing a police report. Save two copies of the information, one for your records and one for your insurance agent. Keep track of all documentation detailing your repair expenses.

Know your policy coverage

It is crucial to understand the benefits and protections your insurance plan includes. Insurance businesses aim to make money. It is up to you to review and comprehend your coverage so you can secure the benefits you deserve.

Submit an Insurance Claim

Reporting your losses as soon as possible is critical so an adjuster can inspect your property. If the insurance agency denies your claim or responds slowly, you have options for handling disputes and negotiating a fair settlement.

Vandalism of your business or home can leave you with significant expenses. Understanding how insurance companies work can help you get the compensation you need.