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How can you tell whether your house sustained storm damage?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2022 | Uncategorized

When a serious storm hits, you may not expect to have to leave your house or fear for your safety.

However, you can also take steps after the storm to look at whether or not your house sustained any serious damage.

Assess the structure

According to the American Red Cross, serious damage may happen if the structure of the house is starting to crumble or is close to falling apart. One way to test this is if you notice the front door to your house, or any other doorway, seems hard to open.

Trying to force it may make the structure start to crumble, so you should stop if you notice there is resistance.

Take note of the outside step

The entryway to your house can tell you a lot about the level of damage of the whole place. If you notice a variety of loose wires and other kinds of signs of broken power cords, then it could be dangerous to try to return home.

Check your ceilings and floors

In some cases, you may make it inside without any major problems but still want to look for hidden damage you do not see at first glance. One of those signs is how your ceilings look. If you notice a lot of sagging or strangely colored spots, then it could be water damage leaking through.

Your floors may suffer from the same problem, which you may notice if you see sagging. Being careful about where you walk and how you drain the water in the ceiling is important. Checking for damage is a necessary process if a storm hit your house.