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Scientists predict that hurricanes in northern U.S. will become more common

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Hurricane Damage Claims

Here in Miami, we’re used to hurricanes and the damage they can cause. But scientists believe that these destructive storms could become common much further up the Atlantic coast.

According to USA TODAY, a recently published study from Yale University, climate conditions in the oceans have changed over the last several years to create a wider band of areas where hurricanes can form. Specifically, warming oceans mean that ocean temperature differences between the north and the equator have lessened. Therefore, it could become increasingly common for hurricanes to reach northern U.S. cities like New York and Boston over the next few years. August’s Hurricane Henri, which reached New England as a tropical storm, could be a preview of storms to come.

Will hurricanes disappear from Florida?

It is not yet clear if this means there will be more hurricanes each year in the U.S. or if the hurricane zone will move northward and Florida will experience fewer severe storms. For now, at least, hurricanes will continue to be a problem for residents of Miami and South Florida in general.

Dealing with the insurance company after a hurricane

We are well acquainted with hurricanes and the damage they cause to homes and businesses in South Florida. Property owners are insured against hurricane damage, but insurance companies are not always cooperative. Your insurance company could deny your claim, make a lowball settlement offer, or choose a contractor that cuts corners and fails to make quality repairs. Often, this is due to the insurer’s top priority being profits, not helping their customers as they promised to do.