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Steps to take for hurricane damage claims

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2021 | Homeowner Claims, Hurricane Damage Claims

Florida sustains more hurricane damage than any other state, and the claims process for hurricane claims is complex.

If you own a house or business in the Sunshine State, it is crucial to understand how to file an insurance claim if a storm damages your property.

Understand your insurance coverage

Insurance carriers write policies using complicated legal terms that make it difficult to know what situations they cover. Taking the time to understand your insurance thoroughly helps you ensure you have the necessary coverage.

Document your property before a hurricane event

Conduct an inventory of your home or business and document everything of value. Having proof of your property’s normal condition helps you prove damage claims by offering evidence of its pre-hurricane condition:

  • Take videos or pictures of the inside and outside of your property
  • Create and maintain an inventory list of valuable items
  • Keep records of receipts and other documentation that proves the value of your belongings
  • Photograph any costly items

Document your assets after a hurricane

Act quickly after a hurricane damages your property. Take photos and videos of any visible damage to include in your claim. Also, photograph areas of your house or business that the storm did not destroy. By documenting the rooms that did not receive damage, you can help prove that you have a well-maintained property.

Write down everything that the hurricane damaged. Include a cost estimate for repair or replacement. Providing detail helps your chances for a successful claim.

Florida property owners need to prepare for the possibility of hurricane damage. Getting compensation following a storm requires knowledge and thorough documentation.