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Watch out for bad faith claims after a hurricane

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2019 | Firm News

You knew that a hurricane was on its way, and it was clear that all the steps you could take to prevent your home from being damaged weren’t likely to be enough. The winds were strong, the rain was harsh and the damage that resulted was devastating.

After the winds die down and the rain stops, you return to your home and see the devastating consequences of a hurricane. You and many others in your neighborhood and region may be considering filing claims for the damage that was caused. You’re not alone, but you do have to be cautious when working with insurance agents.

Watch out for bad faith claims after a hurricane

One major concern after a natural disaster like a hurricane is bad faith claims. With bad faith claims, you may have a claim denied, ignored or drawn out much longer than is necessary. Why? The insurance company is hoping you’ll drop your claim or hoping to save money by making you think that you can’t get benefits from them.

It’s important to have your insurance paperwork and to make sure that the agency is covering the damage that falls under your policy’s terms. If they are not responsive or trying to offer too little in compensation, it’s time to speak with your attorney.

What kinds of insurance claims are made after a hurricane?

There can be many different kinds of claims. You may claim for things such as:

  • Damage from falling trees or flying branches
  • Flooding that ruined the interior of your home
  • Broken windows
  • Damage to your home’s roofing

In hurricane-prone areas, it’s usually a good idea to have more than one insurance policy, so that all potential damage from a hurricane would be covered. Check your policy carefully. If it does not cover flooding, then you may be unable to obtain compensation for flooding. However, that doesn’t mean that the same policy couldn’t cover a damaged roof or damage to your windows unrelated to the flood waters.

It can be tricky to make a claim and get fair compensation from the insurance agency. After all, with so many claims, the agency may be trying to delay and save itself some money, too. Your attorney can help by working with the claims agent and keeping on top of the situation, so that you know that your claim is not just sitting around or being pushed aside. With support, your claim should be addressed in an appropriate amount of time and result in a fair outcome.