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Bowing on your windows? That’s a problem

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2019 | Firm News

If you notice that your windows are bowing, then there is an immediate need to find out the cause. Whether it’s a natural disaster like high winds or a torrential downpour, bowing can be a sign that your windows have been damaged.

Warped windows are not going to provide the protection that your home deserves. You might notice that the edges are pulling away from the walls or that water is leaking in when it rains. You might notice a chill or breeze sneaking in through the window frame, too.

After there is a serious weather event, you need to look for bowing windows. If they are there, then you can file an insurance claim to have repairs performed. For example, if your home floods, you may have damaged floors as well as damage in the walls. Mold and mildew could damage the inner walls and even affect your window panes. Warping could make it impossible to open your windows or may cause the frame to sag or change in shape, ruining the seal.

What should you do if you notice warped windows in your home after a hurricane, flood or other incident?

There are a few things you can do to help yourself get the most of a claim. To start with, make sure you get plenty of photos or videos of the damage. This will help show the damage at the time of the claim as well as if the claim takes some time to settle.

Another thing to do is to start your claim as soon as you can. The insurance agency will likely send someone out to assess the damage. At this point, you can also seek another party’s opinion on the costs, so that you can see if the insurance company is being fair.

Reach out to your attorney, too. Your attorney will be able to work with you to make sure the insurance company takes your claim seriously and does not delay it. If the insurance company is slow to respond to you or does not come up with a solution to your claim in a reasonable amount of time, then you can discuss filing a claim against the insurance company for their negligence and for a bad faith claim.

Your attorney can talk to you more about what to expect if you need to file an insurance claim for warped or damaged windows.