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Insurance can provide financial protection after a storm hits

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Hurricane Damage Claims

If a homeowner in Florida is impacted by a hurricane, a homeowners insurance policy may cover some of the damage incurred in the storm. For instance, a claim may be approved if a tree branch falls through the roof and allows water to enter. However, if water entered on its own, a homeowner would only be covered if he or she had a flood insurance policy.

To fill in the gaps that existing policies may create, individuals may want to purchase what is called parametric coverage. Companies that offer such coverage will write a check without the need for an adjuster to view the damage. However, such payments are generally designed to help cover the deductible on a homeowners, flood or windstorm insurance policy. Those who seek flood insurance can buy it from the National Flood Insurance Program offered by the federal government.

However, individuals may also be able to buy flood insurance from private providers as well. In some cases, coverage can be added as an endorsement to a homeowners policy as opposed to being purchased as a separate policy. Prior to buying a policy, an individual may benefit to comparing rates from a variety of different insurance providers. Furthermore, it can be a good idea to look at an insurance company’s rating to determine its ability to pay after a storm.

If a home sustains window or roof damage as a result of a hurricane or other strong storm, an individual may file a claim with his or her insurance company. If the claim is denied, it may be possible to appeal the decision. This may be done with the assistance of an attorney who may be able to take informal steps to compel payment. A favorable outcome may also be reached through litigation.