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New insurance company offers hope to homeowners

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Hurricane Damage Claims

Florida residents who experienced damage from Hurricane Irma may not have been able to get money from their insurance company because the amount of damage that they experienced didn’t exceed the cost of their deductible. In some cases, FEMA has denied claims saying that private insurance companies should pay them instead. However, a company called StormPeace is offering to send money to cover damage done to homes without the need for an inspection or a deductible.

Homeowners should send receipts within 45 days to verify that money was spent on contractor fees or other relevant costs. The money can be used to replace food that went bad after the storm, to repair damage done to carports or to replace or buy a new generator. Coverage ranges from $1,000 to $60,000, and one insurance professional in the area thought that the idea could disrupt the insurance industry in the area.

Those who have a typical homeowners insurance policy may find that it won’t cover hurricane damage or won’t cover all the costs related to the damage. Those who do have hurricane damage coverage should review their policy prior to contacting their insurance agent. This may reduce the odds that a claim is denied. If a claim is denied incorrectly, an individual may appeal that decision.

Appeals may be made with the help of an attorney, and legal counsel may be able to represent an individual in court if necessary. A favorable resolution to an insurance dispute may also be reached through informal negotiations. These may take place with the help of a mediator or arbiter. If an insurance company is deemed not to be liable for paying out a claim, a nonprofit or other outside party may help pay expenses related to storm cleanup.