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Residents upset at slow pace of recovery after Irma

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | Hurricane Damage Claims

Florida residents who were impacted by Hurricane Irma are wondering why the pace of recovery is so slow. Some are worried that they will go into the upcoming hurricane season still in need of federal aid to recover from last September’s storms. Residents say that they are not getting any response from FEMA when they inquire about help rebuilding. FEMA says that it is going to stop using trailers in June, which is when hurricane season starts.

Government estimates put the number of families still using the trailers at less than 200. In addition to the trailers, $62 million has been spent on temporary rental assistance according to the federal government agency. The county government says that it is waiting for aid to begin clearing debris out of canals in parts of the Lower Keys that experienced extensive damage from the storm. According to Sen. Marco Rubio, the money needed to help rebuild from the storm has been approved.

He says that it is now a matter of getting the money to those who need it. Residents warn that they could be tempted to leave because of the problems dealing with insurance companies. Sen. Rubio has also acknowledged that the area could face an exodus if people don’t get help rebuilding in a timely manner.

Insurance policies and other assistance programs are generally designed to help homeowners recover from storm damage. If a claim is denied, it may be wise to seek legal counsel. An attorney may review the denial to determine if it was done properly. If not, a bad faith lawsuit might be forthcoming.