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Don’t miss out on your claim: Make your claim within 90 days

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2018 | blog

After a hurricane or major weather event, there’s a possibility that your home and property could be badly damaged. Some people get lucky and have less damage than others, but on the whole, even if a home doesn’t look damaged, underlying damage could still be there.

The first 90 days following a major storm are crucial for your insurance claim. If you wait to file past this timeframe, it becomes harder to prove the damage and drags out your claim. For that reason alone, filing within the first three months is crucial.

Can’t you pay for repairs and then seek reimbursement?

Yes, some people can afford to pay for repairs to their homes and properties before filing an insurance claim. They may wait until everything is covered and then seek help with reimbursement. The problem with this starts if the insurance company doesn’t approve of a certain contractor or method used to repair your property. If there is any question that the insurance agency could have paid you less or had service provided more cost-effectively, you may end up fighting with the insurance agency for years before you get your compensation.

Why is filing an insurance claim immediately important?

Filing an insurance claim right away is a better option for most people. Property damage after a hurricane or major weather event is severe, but reaching out with a claim helps get the recovery process started sooner. The agency may attempt to get you a settlement quickly, but be wary if they do. You want to be certain that you’re receiving enough to cover the damages you’ve suffered as well as lost wages or other compensation you need following a serious disaster.

Filing quickly after a hurricane allows you to work with inspectors, adjusters and others faster. Don’t delay, since you could end up fighting to get your money longer than expected.