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Why are sticking doors such a problem?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Construction Defects

When keeping an eye out for potential problems with a house’s foundation, you may not think to look at something as simple as the doors.

However, a door “sticking” when you attempt to open or close it could indicate a much bigger problem than a door not fitting its frame.

Defining a sticking door

Homelight discusses ways to spot problems with construction. This includes potential problems with doors that may involve “sticking”.

First of all, what does a sticking door do? This happens if you try to open or close a door and it does not open or close smoothly, rather seeming to hang up on something and getting stuck part of the way through.

Doors may stick for relatively simple and easily fixed reasons, such as the measurements of a door and its frame not matching up appropriately.

However, doors could also change over time due to foundational issues, causing a previously well-fitted door to start sticking.

Doors sticking due to moisture

The first potential problem stems from moisture in the home. If you have leaking pipes or other sources of moisture, it could leak into a wooden door that does not have the top or bottom sealed. This can cause the door to expand and stick. It could also indicate problems with water within the home. Water damage is one of the biggest causes of foundational destruction in a home, so this is something to look at quickly.

Foundational problems

Additionally, foundation defects or a property settling into the ground may lead to doors sticking, too. By finding the causes of these problems early enough, it is easier to fix them.