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How do you determine the damage a storm did to your home?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2023 | Hurricane Damage Claims

When a storm hits, it is impossible to guess every way in which it might batter and ruin a property. This is why it is important to do a thorough check of a home as soon as it is safe.

Checking the home allows a homeowner to determine what damage may have occurred as a result of the storm, which is important for insurance reporting purposes.

Assessing the structure

The American Red Cross discusses damage a storm could have done to a home. First and foremost, assess the overall structure. If the structure seems like it is falling apart or close to crumbling, which could cause enormous future damages and may even kill survivors. The easiest way to locate a damaged structure is by testing doors and seeing if any appear hard to open. Do not force a door open, as it might further compromise the structure.

Checking the floors and ceiling

Next, check the floors and ceiling. In many cases, damage from a storm is obvious. In others, it is more subtle and a person may have to look for them. For example, discolored or sagging spots in a ceiling or floor might indicate water damage.

Take a look outside

Finally, observe the outside of the home. It is possible to determine a lot about the level of a storm’s severity by simply glancing out through the front door. The amount of cracks on the sidewalk and debris scattered about will likely indicate a lot about the house’s external state before you ever set a foot outside.

By documenting all of these signs of damage carefully, it will be easier to work with insurance in the future.