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What steps should you take in a storm’s aftermath?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | blog, Hurricane Damage Claims

Severe weather and accompanying storms can change a person’s life in a matter of seconds. It leaves emotional and physical damage in its wake and can easily ruin a homeowner’s life.

Knowing the steps to take when dealing with a storm may make it easier to calm down and tackle the situation.

Properly documenting storm damage

The Insurance Information Institute discusses ways to document storms. A homeowner should do this as soon as it is safe to leave the house. Taking pictures and videos with a camera or cellphone is one of the best ways to do this documentation.

However, maintain awareness of dangers that the storm may have left in its wake. This includes broken glass, nails, weakened structures that risk collapsing, and downed power lines.

Making repairs and keeping track of expenses

It is possible and sometimes necessary to make small repairs in the meantime. This usually involves getting rid of fire hazards and potential flood hazards, along with gas leaks.

Remember to keep receipts and paperwork if purchasing any items specifically for use in repairs. It is possible to gain reimbursement for these expenses later down the line.

It is also important to call in the damages and make an official report to the insurance company. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance does include a measure of coverage for natural disasters like storms.

However, not every insurance policy will cover every possible source of damage in the aftermath of a storm. Understanding how a policy works and what it covers is the first step to a person getting back on their feet fully after a storm.