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What are the signs of defective window installation?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Firm News

Windows are an important part of your home. Bad windows can equal all types of problems with moisture and energy leaks. In a new build, you expect to get windows in excellent condition, but sometimes that does not happen.

Windows require careful installation to ensure they are tight and sealed properly. You should watch for signs that installation errors occurred.


Obvious gaps typically do not occur because you would see them and be able to request repair right away. The gaps that occur with bad installation are often small. You may not notice them off-hand. But if you feel drafts from windows or notice daylight shining through around the window, you likely have gaps that should not be there.


Even if you do not notice a gap, there may be issues with the sealing that allows air to come in or escape your home. Check the caulking around the edges of the window to look for issues and air movement.


If you see water on the windowsill inside your home, this indicates a problem. You should never have moisture on the inside of the window like this if there are no issues with installation.


A window that does not smoothly open and close has a problem. You should be able to use your windows without issue. If you notice issues, then there is likely a problem with the installation.

Paying attention to your windows in a newly constructed home is important. Windows can cost you a lot of money over time if they have installation issues.