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How may sticking doors indicate construction defects?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | Uncategorized

If you are having a home built from scratch or are just renovating an existing residence, you are likely on the lookout for any sign that the construction job did not go as you wished. Sometimes a sign of a problem does not seem obvious, like if a door or two suddenly starts sticking and takes some effort to open.

Sometimes a sticking door happens because someone had improperly installed the door. However, Homelight explains that sometimes sticking doors indicate a greater problem with the property that bears attention.

Moisture buildup in the home

A door made of wood can expand due to moisture. Moisture can build up inside a house for a number of reasons. The top and bottom of the door might lack paint or insulation. More seriously, there could be water leaks inside your home that are causing moisture to produce. Such leaks may be anywhere from the lower floors up to the attic. These leaks could indicate wall or roof defects.

Given that moisture buildup can create harmful molds, this is a problem you will want to investigate and rule out or resolve as soon as you can.

Problems with the home foundation

Another issue may lie with the foundation of the house. A sticking door could mean that the property is settling. Alternatively, the house may have foundation defects. Sometimes doors will stick during times of warm weather, but if your door does not loosen when the environment turns cooler, a structural problem may be the cause.

Hopefully, you will find any serious defects at an early enough stage that you can file a claim if necessary. Florida law places time limits on filing construction defect claims, so do your best to learn your options if you find something seriously wrong with your residence.