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Tips on filing a fire damage claim

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Homeowner Claims

A residential fire can be devastating. Not only is there often extensive damage, but you will also most likely need to stay somewhere else for a while.

There are certain things to be aware of before you file a fire insurance claim. If you do things correctly from the start, there is a better chance your insurance company will not only pay for damages, but also do so in a timely manner.

Inventory losses

According to FindLaw, you should begin to make lists of property and belongings that you lost in the fire. Begin this as soon as possible so you do not forget anything. You should also hang onto everything so that, if necessary, you can prove the loss to the insurance company.

Gather documentation

The insurance company will send out its own adjustor to estimate damage costs. However, you should also hire your own, as this person will look out for your interests. Keep the estimate documentation as well as receipts for all related expenses.

Provide detailed information

You should report the fire to your insurance company right away, and you should file the claim as soon as possible. Along with including the date of the fire, you need to submit the list of lost/damaged items as well as a detailed description of the items. Other information you need to submit includes:

  • Location and extent of the damage
  • Any injuries related to the fire
  • All people involved
  • Necessary temporary and immediate repairs
  • Police and fire reports

Itemize living expenses

You insurance company will reimburse you for extra living expenses related to your displacement. Document all costs related to lodging, food, extra gas, toiletries, laundry, new clothing and other necessities. You may even ask the company for an advance on your ultimate claim to help pay for the expenses.