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What types of damages may occur due to a fire?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Homeowner Claims

A fire in your home is incredibly scary and dangerous. Your first move should always be to get all people and animals out, if possible, but leaving behind your belongings can be heartbreaking.

You may wonder what damage to expect when you can go back inside. FEMA explains damage can come directly from the fire, from water and from smoke.

Fire damage

The flames can burn items quickly and completely. It often depends on how hot it was as to how extensive the damage is. In addition, how far the flames traveled throughout your home will determine where the most fire damage is. Fire can singe items or completely burn them up.

Water damage

When firefighters put out the fire, they will use a high-pressure hose. They will pump massive amounts of water into your home. The water will saturate everything. The high-pressure stream will also lead to some damage, breaking things it hits. The firefighters’ main goal is to put out the flames, so they will not be careful when aiming at the water stream. Water can get into areas where there were not even flames.

Smoke damage

Smoke is terribly damaging, but it is the type of damage many people overlook. The smell of smoke can penetrate deeply. For example, you may find some clothes you can savage, but the chances are good they will smell heavily of smoke that will not go away even after laundering. Like water, smoke will travel throughout the home and impact areas untouched by the flames.

The three types of damage can render items in your home completely useless. However, it greatly depends on how bad the fire was and how it spread in your home. If the fire was only in one area, then the damage may not be as bad throughout your home.