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A Look at the Outlook for Storms in Florida in 2021

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Firm News

Property owners in Florida have significant concerns when it comes to storm damage in the Sunshine State. They need to take appropriate actions such as buying the right insurance and using storm-safe materials to protect their homes and businesses.

In certain situations, they might need to engage in legal actions to enforce payments and claims.

Leaders Consider Early Start to Hurricane Season

Channel 10 News from Tampa Bay reports that authorities considered expanding the official start to hurricane season to May 15. A trend for earlier storms in recent years triggered this discussion. The Atlantic tropical cyclone season traditionally begins June 1, but the past six years saw a significant cyclone form before that date.

The National Weather Service announced that after discussions it would not make this change; instead, the organization decided on one significant adjustment: it would issue routine Tropical Weather Outlooks beginning May 15.

In 2020, tropical storm Arthur located just east of Florida kicked off the storm season on May 16. Since 2000, 11 named storms in the Atlantic formed before the official start of hurricane season.

Weather Officials Predict Active Season for 2021

Even after a busy hurricane season in 2020, Fox 29 News in Philadelphia reports that at least some officials believe 2021 will also usher in an active weather year.  After an examination of factors likely to influence the coming year, some experts predict a better than 50% chance of above-normal hurricane activity.

Researchers based these predictions on North Atlantic sea surface temperatures and trends in the tropical Pacific. Of course, at this point uncertainty remains, leaving hope for a quiet 2021.

Officials caution everyone to remain vigilant and make preparations for extreme weather. Only one bad storm can create havoc for those in its direct path.