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What to do after a homeowner’s insurance claim denial

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Homeowner Claims

When you purchased a homeowner’s insurance policy for your Florida home, you may have done so thinking the policy would give you peace of mind if something unanticipated caused harm to your house. It makes sense that you would feel frustrated if your insurer denies what you consider to be a valid claim, but this does happen on many occasions.

According to NerdWallet, homeowner’s insurance claim disputes are often time-consuming and complex. Often, they arise because of details included in the fine print of the policy, or because there is a disagreement between you and the insurer about how much money it takes to fix a problem. When dealing with a denied homeowner’s insurance claim, it may benefit you to take the following steps.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of your policy

The more you understand about the details of your insurance policy, the more bargaining power you may have. Once your insurance provider gives you a reason for your denied claim, revisit the policy information to see if backs up their reasoning for denying it.

Keep thorough notes

Another important step involved in disputing a denied homeowner’s insurance claim is to take meticulous notes of all communications with your provider. Write down when and who you speak with, and jot down details of what you discuss.

File a complaint

If your conversations with your insurance company do not lead to the outcome you desire, but you still believe your insurer was wrong in denying your claim, you may want to file a complaint with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

When you are ready to make a formal appeal, remain polite during your communications. Showing anger may make things unnecessary adversarial, and this, in turn, may hurt your chances of a favorable outcome.