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Can construction defects lead to mold?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Homeowner Claims

Florida homeowners like you have a lot on your plate when it comes to worrying about the health of your home. This includes keeping your home free of mold no matter the season. 

But did you know that certain construction defects can actually make your house more prone to mold? Even with careful planning and maintenance, these defects can result in mold appearing in your home. 

What does mold need to thrive?

The Building Science Corporation examines what mold needs to thrive. It needs four things, primarily: water, food, oxygen and a suitable temperature. Most strains of mold can live in 40 to 100 degree weather. High humidity can also provide the water needed for mold to grow in otherwise dry areas. 

Mold can take root in any home. But some construction defects can make your home more prone than usual to mold growth. Top cited examples include doors or windows that are not properly fitted. The gap can cause moisture to get in. A lack of solid sealing on windows can contribute too, as it will allow rain to leak. 

The same goes for sources of water like sinks, showers and baths. If the workers do not seal these areas well, water can easily leak from the pipes and soak into the surrounding wood, plaster or paper. 

Insulation can grow mold

Using the wrong insulation is not a construction defect so much as a construction mistake. But this can also up your chances of cultivating mold. Finally, poor ventilation can encourage mold growth. Stagnant air creates a hospitable environment for mold spores. 

Mold comes with a bevy of health hazards. If you find your home infected with mold, you may want to look into what actions you may be able to take.