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Don’t wait for an insurance payout to repair hurricane damage

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Firm News

There is no question that the climate in Florida is one of the most attractive in the United States. The hot, frequently humid weather is good for those with rheumatoid arthritis, as well as many other medical conditions. That, as well as the lower cost-of-living when compared to Hawaii or California, is one reason why Florida is such a popular destination for retired adults.

Unfortunately, the trade-off for the lovely weather and the proximity to the ocean is the potential for hurricanes. Almost every year, some category of hurricane makes landfall over some part of the Florida coast. Those hurricanes, as well as the winds and waves they generate, can cause catastrophic property damage and even cost people their lives.

That increased risk for property damage is why it is so important for Florida residents to carry comprehensive homeowners policies or rental policies on their properties, including hurricane and flood coverage. However, you should be aware of the fact that your insurance company won’t necessarily be enthusiastic about paying out a massive claim for hurricane-related damage to your house. Delays are likely, and a legal battle could also be possible.

Insurance companies want profit, not liability

Like any business, the goal of insurance providers is to generate income by providing service that people need. However, insurance is unique in regard to the fact that companies make the most money when people don’t actually need their services. Carrying insurance on your home is one thing, but filing a claim is completely different.

The companies that financially protect your home are often happy to take your premiums, but will be significantly less enthusiastic if they have to pay out on a major claim for home damage. If you experience major damage to your home in a hurricane, you can expect to experience some delays or even significant push back from your insurance company.

However, it’s important to know that you should not delay the repair of your home while waiting for a check from your insurance company. Doing so could leave you vulnerable to additional damages or even crime, depending on what parts of your home suffer damage in the hurricane.

Arrange repairs now and collect compensation later

The best solution for dealing with property damage and an insurance company that doesn’t want to send you a check is to simply go ahead with arranging the repairs. You can develop a more reasonable estimate for your total costs. Most of the time, contractors will be happy to start without payment in full up front. Barring that, you may be able to secure financing to cover the cost.

Then you can provide your insurance company with the bills, which is indisputable evidence of the cost related to the hurricane damage. If your company still refuses to pay your claim, you will also have documentation via the invoice that can help you pursue a solution in civil court.