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Posts tagged "Bad Faith Insurance Claims"

When an insurer violates its own obligations

Florida homeowners facing damage from Hurricane Irma may also be struggling with their insurance companies. Unfortunately, some insurers might delay or deny payment for a legitimate claim. In some cases, this denial violates the terms in the company's own insurance policy. When an insurance company fails to act in a reasonable manner during the processing, investigation or payment of a valid claim on a policy, the homeowner may have the right to pursue a claim for bad faith against the insurance company.

Mysteriously, Clay County man's flood insurance was never paid

Jason D. lives in the Black Creek Hills in Middleburg, one of the hardest-hit areas in Clay County. Even though his home is elevated by 20 feet, it is located 30 yards from Black Creek. That wasn't enough to prevent the creek from flooding his home. His home was gutted and all his kitchen appliances needed replacement.

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