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Hurricane Damage Claims Archives

Roof repairs still needed eight months after Irma

Some Florida residents who experienced roof damage in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma are still waiting for help rebuilding eight months later. One woman claimed that the damage to her home was about $25,000, and she said that there was no point in cleaning the rest of the home until the roof was fixed. However, the homeowner said that she didn't have homeowners insurance and that FEMA had not been able to offer any assistance.

Florida hurricane damage claims increased in 2018

Many Florida residents were impacted by Hurricane Irma, prompting homeowners to file claims against their insurance companies. The top 20 insurers in Florida were served with nearly 11,000 lawsuits in during the first quarter of 2018. This represents a 61.5 percent increase over the number of claims filed during the previous year. This increase could cause insurance costs to rise next year when homeowners apply to renew their insurance contracts.

Flood insurance concerns for hurricane season

After Hurricane Irma, some Florida residents learned about what their flood insurance would and would not cover in a hard way. While flood insurance policies will repair the structure of homes, the policies will not pay to replace the damaged contents of the home unless the homeowners have opted to add content coverage to their flood insurance policies.

Insurance claim data for Hurricane Irma

According to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, losses attributed to Hurricane Irma are estimated to be $7.38 billion. That is about $600 million lower than an estimate made in February. Most of the damage occurred in the southern part of Florida, and a majority of the damage occurred to residential property. Of claims that have been made, 32 percent did not result in a payment being made.

Residents upset at slow pace of recovery after Irma

Florida residents who were impacted by Hurricane Irma are wondering why the pace of recovery is so slow. Some are worried that they will go into the upcoming hurricane season still in need of federal aid to recover from last September's storms. Residents say that they are not getting any response from FEMA when they inquire about help rebuilding. FEMA says that it is going to stop using trailers in June, which is when hurricane season starts.

Florida insurer reviewing Hurricane Irma claims

The estimates and payments provided to some customers of Citizens Property Insurance after Hurricane Irma might change. The insurance company that operates with backing from the state announced that it has reopened over one-third of 66,761 claims for damage after the storm. The insurer plans to review repair estimates for heavily damaged properties and disputed claims. Benefit claims that lacked repair estimates from contractors will also come under scrutiny.

How to prepare for a hurricane

In 2016 and 2017, three named storms made an impact in Florida. Therefore, FEMA is telling people in the state to get ready for the 2018 hurricane season as soon as possible. Florida's governor has signed legislation that allows residents to buy emergency supplies for a week tax-free starting on June 1. Ideally, an emergency kit will contain enough food and water for both humans and animals to last for up to five days.

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