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Insurance Bad Faith Claims ∙ Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
North Miami, Florida

The insurance claim and personal injury lawyers of Mintz Truppman, P.A., are knowledgeable in complex areas of the law, and we are dedicated to providing practical legal advice to our clients.

We count ourselves fortunate to represent insurance policyholders. Our clients, having suffered a major property loss, should not have to then turn around and fight their insurance company for just compensation.

Adrian Neiman Arkin

Tim Crutchfield

Mark J. Mintz

Marshal E. Mintz

Cheryl L. Riess

Keith A. Truppman

"As a plaintiffs' insurance claims lawyer, you work for a real person rather than for a large faceless institution. You're helping out an actual business or an actual person whose financial concerns are very real, and very troubling."

— Adrian Neiman Arkin, a Mintz Truppman attorney